The cute look!

cold-15787_1920A lot of ladies constantly go for the cute look. If you really want to be cute, you should naturally wash your face and hair as often as you need to, and always look clean with a healthy glow. Avoid makeup – while light eyeshadow or light lipstick matched to your complexion might make you look softer, you should focus on more natural appearance. Don’t overdo it, rely on your natural beauty. Likewise, take care your hair looks more natural-looking. If it’s naturally curly and wavy, let it be so, don’t use straighteners or douse it in oil products. Try braids or ponytails to soften your look even more.

To appear cuter, you don’t need to remake your entire wardrobe. Pick a couple of cute items and wear them the right way. Focus on pastels – they soften up a lot of existing color combinations. Toss a pink cardigan over a white tank top, for instance. Instead of trousers, wear skirts and colorful leggings – you will look and feel more feminine. And remember to stay comfortable, you will feel more relaxed, cool and playful. Add funny accessories, like purses for all occasions. And don’t slavishly follow trends, rather be selective and pick clothes that complement your figure.

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And finally, rely on your body language. You don’t want to appear too forward, but simply adorable. Take a cue from the old romance novels. Shift your weight from one foot to the other, and if you’re sitting keep your feet together and your hands in your lap. Play with your hair, roll it against your fingers and maintain eye contact – breaking it to look down at your feet, to show a bit of shyness once in a while. Cover your mouth when you laugh to appear timider.

And above all, smile! The cutest thing of all is the positive outlook on life.

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