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Leggings – perfect for your workout

Leggings are no longer a simple piece of workout clothing for the gym.  These days, we tend to wear them everywhere — when running errands, going to doctor’s or to work. But still, they are most commonly bought as exercise wear, keeping us in shape and active. However, the producers offer all sorts of wholesale leggings with specific workouts to mind. Here are the basic kinds of leggings dedicated to specific workout.

Yoga leggings

The main feature of the yoga leggings is a wide, flat waistband which will stay up as you flex your legs and tummy. They also should offer a lot of stretch and light compression, ideally not being too heavy. Few yoga classes are held outdoors, so temperature and precipitation aren’t  that important, ideally yoga leggings should be thin and stretchy. Think of them as a second layer of skin as you stretch your body! Consider this before getting wholesale leggings for your boutiques.

wholesale leggingsJogging

This kind of leggings should, on the other hand, be weather-resistant. They need to be able to protect you from the rain and temperature… and allow you to breathe and sweat! The perfect running leggings should also remain secure and snug, and support your body. The chief advantage of tight exercise clothing is that it prevents you from bouncing – and that concerns your thighs as well!

Pilates and gymnastics

Use our tips for yoga leggings – you want a pair with secure, high waistband. But remember that with gymnastics the leggings can be thicker and with less of a give. With yoga, there’s less of a chance that you will snag your leggings on a machine or a tree branch. Remember that zippers, embellishments will just get in the way! Few producers offer embellished wholesale leggings – these are often added by the distributers.

Dance and Zumba

They should have some give since dance and aerobics involve jumps, spins and wide steps at high steps. You don’t want them to break mid-session. They also need to wick more moisture than other kinds of leggings – Zumba is an intense exercise!


Again, you’re looking for water and wind-resistant materials which will allow you to bike no matter what’s the weather. They also need to absorb sweat well. There are even thermic cycling leggings available for these who want to cycle all year round. Some cycling leggings come with the layer of padding to protect you from chafing.

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