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How to find that perfect pair of jeans

Finding that perfect pair of jeans is a hard task for every man or woman. Men must look for places that source good quality wholesale mens jeans. But women also love jeans, since they are so versatile, durable and can make you look so much pretty. Men and women can benefit from their versatility.

I myself spend at least a whole hour on every purchase of a piece of clothing I’m committed to. If I want to try on some wholesale mens jeans (or rather, women’s), I shop in a large wholesale warehouse or at a department store where I can compare the various styles. Before going out, I can always measure my waist, hip measurement, and the inseam. I’m somewhat tall, so I have a 90cm inseam, and I like buying brands like Habitual or Rock n’Republic. Petites, on the other hand, can try Kasil, Banana Republic or Caslon.

wholesale mens jeansIn general, whether you’re a man or woman, you should know your cuts. There are a couple of the most common kinds of jeans:

Flared wholesale mens jeans open wide between the knee and ankle. Few guys wear it, but you can return to the 1960s. Bootcuts are similar.

Straight-leg jeans do not flare. These are default wholesale mens jeans and the most popular ones. Skinny jeans are made of the blend of denim and elastane. Few men wear these.

As for the colours, choose ones that suit you. Men are typically preferring blue and black jeans, but if you need a light denim pair, get it. Avoid unnecessary stitching, embellishments, but patches are okay. They aren’t useful and detract from the versatility of wholesale mens jeans. Remember that darks are more slimming and more formal. Men can look very slick and sleek in black or dark trousers, especially when paired with semi-formal shoes like mocassins.


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