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How to quickly make money in the fashion business!

If you want to make money in the fashion business you can always try printing on wholesale t shirts. The simplest method is screen printing. You use wire screens pressed up against cloth to place paint onto shirts one colour per screen. This method is usually cost effective, uses high-quality professional paint and is very durable. On the other hand, you need a screen for each colour, it’s slow and might not be feasible.

A simple method is transfer printing. You print the designs on special paper and use the heat to transfer the print to wholesale t shirts. You can do it at home with iron, it’s good for small orders. However, this feels heavy and can peel away after time. Better transfer prints are available, though, often via plastisol transfers.

You can also cut out designs on special solid-colour sheets of vinyl. Vinyl can dye the paper once it’s heated. It’s very durable and works for small orders, but it doesn’t work well for designs with complex patterns.

wholesale t shirtsYou can also use the DTG printer. The printer itself can be very expensive even for a medium-sized company, but it’s cheaper in exploitation. It prints like an office printer – only on the cloth. The prints look good, but this method is not very effective for large orders.

The most popular in the recent times is dye sublimation. It works well with large full-colour designs on white or light coloured garments. However, it can’t be used on cotton wholesale t shirts – only on man-made fabrics like polyester. It’s good quality, with no feel to the design but requires expensive machines. On the other hand,  you can also use this process on non-textile products such as mugs, mousepads, tile, puzzles, coasters, key chains, etc.

Which method is the best? I’d recommend DTG printing for companies who want to enlarge their offer, screen printing for beginners. If you’re an experienced designer, you should know better than me!


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