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Tight tunic sweaters – cashmere or not?

One of the most trendy styles this year is the tunic sweater. Take this style to a new level of luxury by choosing cashmere. A cashmere tunic sweater is preferable to other wholesale womens sweaters because of the amazing quality of this material. For those not in the know, cashmere comes from various breeds of cashmere-producing goats. It can only be harvested in the early spring because that it the only time the goats produce it. It must be painstakingly separated from the other fibres and carefully treated and woven.

wholesale womens sweatersThe time spent making cashmere fabric and the limited collection window make this fabric very rare and expensive. However, with the increasing number of manufacturers of wholesale womens sweaters, you can find some cashmere apparel that is moderate in price. A tunic sweater made from this material is extremely versatile because it can be worn with so many things. The classic tunic hangs down over the buttocks, making it perfect for tight skinny jeans, leggings or tights. If your tunic is long enough, it can even be worn as a dress.

Although the tunic style sweater hangs freely, it can be cinched with a belt to accentuate the waist. The 1980s style is back in fashion and you may notice many celebrities being photographed in long tunic sweaters topped over black tights and high black boots. The look is stylish and flawless if you have to confidence to carry it off. It is not advised to wear a tunic of any fabric with a voluminous skirt or baggy pants because this creates a sack-like appearance. You should pair form fitting bottoms with any wholesale womens sweaters to balance the figure.

No outfit is complete without jewellery. If you are concerned about your necklaces snagging your cashmere tunic wholesale womens sweaters, go without and draw attention to your face with an oversized pair of hoops. Or, go for a shorter length sleeve and adorn your arms with bangles. One large cocktail ring can be all you need to add a bit of bling to your outfit. Another thing you should know is that cashmere is very delicate and must be hand washed or dry cleaned. Also never dry your cashmere in the dryer, it should be laid flat to dry naturally. If you care for your tunic sweater it should last for season after season.


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