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Distressed jeans and worn t-shirt – a great combo!

If you’re like me, your basic outfit is simply of a pair of distressed, worn jeans and a plain T-shirt. And most of the time it’s a great combo! No wonder that stores stock jeans and t shirts wholesale. But you can be quite stylish if you want to present your chosen t-shirt in some weird, unconventional ways.

For start, throw a blazer or an elegant suit jacket over it. It will look semi-casual, especially if you pick a dark shirt. It should give some sort of structure to your silhouette. You can simply put tuck the shirt in your pants if you want something less casual – while still displaying the amusing picture on your chest. Most t shirts wholesale on the market are shorter, though.

t shirts wholesaleYou can also match the shirt with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Usually, the might make your legs seem longer visually. Since the high-waisted shorts are also seen as more formal, to soften this look you can use the playful customised t-shirts!

Another way you can make this outfit and a simple t-shirt more elegant is tucking it into a colourful skirt. The shirt will keep the skirt from looking too girly – especially if you pick a metal design. My favourite is a skull on fire. This will work great for school – and if you add leggings and big combat boots, you could try out this look during the winter or fall.

Remember the golden rule – contrast and combine. If your shirt is slightly bulkier, try wearing it over a tight pair of leggings or skinny jeans with a chunky bracelet. If it’s tight, try matching it with a loose, baggy skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans. This also applies to the colors – white and grey tees look better when matched dark denim, while blue and navy will fit green and earthy khaki better. Look at displays of t shirts wholesale in stores and how they’re marketed.

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