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Angora sweaters – soft, gentle, delicate and easy to clean

Angora sweaters are wonderful. Warm and luxurious, giving a lady that halo effect. Sadly, they are a luxury option, so even wholesale sweaters aren’t as cheap. And of course, they need to be cared for properly. To properly wash an Angora sweater, fill up a basin with some cool or lukewarm water. Avoid using too cold or too hot water. The best temperature of water for washing Angora yarn is room temperature. You can use any mild detergent, preferably some baby shampoo which again is very mild. It should be lightly acidic or PH balanced. This is because Angora fibre is basically a protein fibre. If you add some salt to the detergent, you will prevent the colours from fading.

Let the sweater soak in this detergent containing water for about 20 minutes, and swish it gently a few times. Then, rinse the sweater in the cold or warm water as many times as required till the water is clear. While washing delicate fabrics it is also a good idea to use a small amount of mild hair conditioner in the water used for rinsing, as this will soften and relax the fibres.

wholesale sweatersAvoid machine dryers but also and don’t dry it in bright sunlight either. Instead let it drain, perhaps giving it a gentle squeeze. After half an hour of drying, wrap and roll the sweater garment in a dry towel and gently apply pressure which will absorb more water, blotting it. Later, take another dry towel, and spread the sweater on a clean and dry towel. You can also air dry the garment or keep it on the top of the clothes drying rack so that there is sufficient ventilation. Most producers of wholesale sweaters recommend doing it.

Remember to avoid washing the garment too frequently, and do so only when it looks soiled. This is because frequent washing will cause the fibres to release from the garment or mat up. Before storing the garment, make sure that it is completely dry and fold it carefully. Proper care will ensure that your Angora wholesale sweaters stay fresh and as good as new for a long time.


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